One of the advantages of a shotcrete or gunite pool (over a vinyl or fiberglass pool) is that they can be remodeled. From a simple makeover by replacing waterline tile and edging the steps to add color and contrast to a complete deck to floor drain renovation that dramatically changes the look of the pool and the way it functions, concrete pools are resilient. An extensive remodel can involve adding new returns, new drains, upgrading the equipment, changing the depth or integrating waterfalls, rock formations, spillways and spas.

The benefits of renovating your concrete pool outweigh starting from scratch. Not only is it more environmentally responsible, but financially sensible since the demolition of the old pool results in high labor and disposal costs. Not to mention the special engineering and additional materials required to build the new pool in what is known as “disturbed soil”.

Whether you want to enhance the look of a dated swimming pool or make radical changes to create a completely different yard, Laguna has the expertise to bring new life into your outdoor living area.

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