Pool And Spa

For more than 20 years, Laguna has been building some of Las Vegas most innovative outdoor living environments.

The Benefits of Owning a Swimming Pool

Whether you're a first time pool owner or enhancing an existing pool and spa, the benefits are many and include quality family time, a healthy lifestyle, and increased home value.

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Hiring a Pool Contractor

Installing a pool or spa or is an investment in time and money and finding a reputable company is key to the success of the project.

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Pool Construction Process

The most common cause of frustration during the construction process is not knowing what to expect. We hope the information provided will help you understand the steps necessary to build an in ground swimming pool.

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Pool Features

  • Beach Entry
  • Wet Deck
  • Infinity Edge
  • Cascading Spillways
  • Slide
  • Floating Pads and Floating Tables
  • Underwater Seating
  • Sheer Descent
  • Rain Descent
  • Fountain Bubblers
  • Deck Jets
  • Laminars
  • Scuppers
  • Water Sconces
  • Wok Pot or Wok Bowls
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Laguna is a full service landscape and hardscape design and build company.

We are a locally owned and operated business. Each one of our unique projects is personally overseen by our company’s founder and owner. We take great pride in the fact that the majority of our work is done by our own skilled team of artisans.

The experts at Laguna know the importance of landscaping in relation to hardscape elements in the overall design of your outdoor living space. A well planned landscape will soften and compliment the structures it surrounds while serving a purpose or function.

Creating a sense of privacy, incorporating vertical dimension, adding splashes of vibrant color and a variety of textures and stimulating the sense of smell and taste are just some of the considerations taken when developing your dream landscape. The professionals at Laguna have the horticultural knowledge to ensure appropriate plant selection and placement, the use of soil conditioners and mulches and the installation of an efficient, water wise irrigation system all key to a healthy and thriving landscape.

Let us show you how a well designed landscape can bring you and your family long lasting beauty and enjoyment.

Landscaping Services

  • Unique Designs
  • Installation
  • Hardscape
  • Landscape/Softscape
  • Xeriscape
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Fire Features
  • Water Features
  • Shade Structures
  • Outdoor Flooring
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Play Areas
  • Accessories
  • Being Green
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Pool Renovations & Remodeling


Whether you want to enhance the look of a dated swimming pool or make radical changes to create a completely different yard, Laguna has the expertise to bring new life into your outdoor living area.

The benefits of renovating your concrete pool outweigh starting from scratch.  Not only is it more environmentally responsible, but financially sensible since the demolition of the old pool results in high labor and disposal costs.

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Design / 3D Modeling

Design & 3D Modeling

At Laguna, we understand the importance of a well planned outdoor living design. It begins with the initial site visit where we take the time to get to know our clients, their individual needs and personal preferences.

The design professionals at Laguna utilize state of the art technology to take your dreams and bring them to life.

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Hot Tubs / Portable Spas


For some homeowners, the thought of relaxing in hot churning water to soak away the tensions and stress of everyday life is more appealing than taking a plunge in a cool swimming pool. A portable spa is versatile, practical and would make a great addition to any poolscape. Attractive as a stand alone element, the spa is ideal when incorporated into the overall design of any Las Vegas backyard landscaping. Laguna can help you to experience the therapeutic benefits of soaking in hot bubbling water by making a spa an integral part of your outdoor living space to be enjoyed throughout the seasons.

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