Does your backyard exceed your expectations and express your personal style? Is it the heart of entertaining for family and friends? The oldest known swimming pool dates back more than 4,000 years and to date swimming pools rank among the most important recreational invention of all time for their ability to offer escape from the summer heat and a place for recreation and entertaining.

Today’s modern swimming pools can be customized to fit any backyard and budget. Unique shapes and styles of swimming pools, spas and exciting water features are easier to create and more affordable than ever before. With new innovations in construction techniques, as well as, computer assisted design the sky’s the limit on what can be done to create a spectacular and impressive backyard.

Advanced technology makes maintenance easy with in-floor cleaning systems, automatic salt chlorinators and new variable speed pumps make swimming pools much more energy efficient with local powers companies offering rebates.

Upgrading and renovating an existing swimming pool and backyard can be the answer to uncertain economic times and tighter budgets. Instead of moving to a new house and starting from scratch, consider giving a fresh makeover to a tired and outdated space. Start with an assessment of how you use your backyard, does it suit your family or have you outgrown it? Do you need a larger pool and more eco-friendly landscaping? Or are you looking for a more sophisticated ambiance for entertaining? Perhaps what you desire is a soothing oasis to relax and restore your spirit?

Whatever your vision is, an experienced pool contractor can bring it to life with attention to detail and quality design elements. You can add patio covers, outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits to complement your outdoor spaces. New design materials such as pavers, stone, travertine or even brick finishes can bring a fresh new look and complete your design. With the finishing touches brought by innovative lighting design and landscape upgrades you can truly create an extraordinary retreat.

Laguna Pool and Spa is a family owned and operated business in the Las Vegas Valley for over 15 years. A majority of the construction is done in-house with limited use of subcontractors, which allows better control of the construction schedule and delivers projects on time.
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