Renovation #1

Built in 1967, the Las Vegas Country Club has a colorful past steeped in history and tradition. It was the place to rub elbows with celebrities, finalize high stakes business dealings and watch some of the top golfers play the course in PGA events hosted in the 80’s and early 90’s. After more than forty years as a playground for the elite and sophisticated, the Las Vegas landmark looked worn and weary. But thanks to a recent 5.6 million dollar renovation, the LVCC has again captured the casual elegance it embodied in its heyday.

Long-time residents of the country club, these homeowners decided their outdoor living environment needed a revitalization of its own. The mature, lush vegetation surrounding the property was well suited for the opulent Mediterranean style home, but the pool area was not. Looking minuscule and forgotten, the swimming pool was seldom enjoyed. The homeowners wanted to create a centerpiece that would increase the beauty, elegance and livability of the backyard.

Using a state of the art program called Pool Studio, the Laguna design team took the extensive renovation project from artistic conception to a cohesive plan that could be implemented. Demolition of the old pool shell, fittings and undercoating, waterline tile and concrete deck around the pool was necessary. The pre-existing elements that could be salvaged were relocated.

New steel was tied, a new beam built and steps were added to strengthen the integrity and safety of the swimming pool. Raising the wet deck and installing 3 submerged stools increased the functionality. New Pentair equipment, including a salt chlorination system and full automation, updated the pool with modern technology not available when it was originally constructed. For visual impact, pillars ornamented with spouting lion head sconces, were erected to host flaming wok bowls reminiscent of Grecian urns.

To complete the formal Mediterranean style and timeless grace the homeowners desired, the entire pool plaster area was covered with sleek black tile except for a mosaic letter “A” at the bottom of the pool, tribute to the family namesake. A repeating “Greek Key” pattern encompasses the pool along the waterline. Resembling marble, travertine pavers surround the pool area instilling old world charm and a new slip resistant deck surface.

The end result is the perfect blending of old and new, indoors and out for a pool side sanctuary that will bring pleasure to the inhabitants for many years to come.